Revised standard for testing child restraints

Child car seat S

AS/NZS 3629.4:2014 Methods of testing child restraints – Method 4: Determination of the force required to adjust a harness provides manufacturers and testing authorities with a method for testing a child restraint for ease of adjustment.

The test set out in this standard applies to adjusters used in child restraint harnesses.

The standard sets out the method for determining the force required to adjust a child restraint harness. It has been revised to provide a test method for new type designations of child restraints introduced in AS/NZS 1754:2013 Child restraint systems for use in motor vehicles: Type A4, Type C1, Type C2, and Type G.

AS/NZS 3629.4:2014 supersedes AS/NZS 3629.4:1997.

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Published in consumer and occupational safety.