Improved ISO/IEC child safety guideline enters final stage

Children playing in pool

The joint WHO/UNICEF World Report on Child Injury Prevention identifies unintentional injury as the leading cause of death for children over the age of 5. More than 830 000 children die each year from road traffic crashes, drowning, burns, falls, and poisoning. To counter this tragedy, ISO and IEC are revising ISO/IEC Guide 50, Safety aspects – Guidelines for child safety in standards.

Last published in 2002, the revised guide will be useful for standards-writers, designers, architects, manufacturers, service providers, communicators, and policy makers. The guide:

  • addresses potential sources of physical harm to children from products, processes, or services that they use, or which they may encounter
  • identifies and describes various hazards for children and explains how they evolve at different stages of a child's development.

The final draft of Guide 50 has gone out to the members of ISO and IEC for comment and vote by 14 June 2014. If approved, this revision will likely be published by the end of 2014.

Behind the scenes with ISO/IEC guides

ISO and IEC publish other guides for standards-writers relevant to a larger audience too. Some particularly interesting guides for consumers are Guide 50 as above, safety aspects in standards, instructions for use, comparative testing, product information, packaging, graphical symbols, and services; and for taking into account the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities.

ISO’s Technical Management Board has decided to review all guides for timeliness, evaluate the extent of their use, and consider the need for further action to promote them.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.