New Zealands standard for bunk beds

Issue 51 – July 2013

AS/NZS 4220:2010 Bunk beds and other elevated beds covers safety requirements for bunk beds and other elevated beds. The standard includes materials, construction, design, and performance requirements.

AS/NZS 4220 provides regulatory authorities with safety requirements and provides manufacturers with functional, durability, stability, and performance criteria to meet these safety requirements, to reduce the likelihood of deaths or injuries to children.

The standard specifies that each bunk bed shall include a warning and statement in a leaflet, or other printed material, which is to be supplied with the bunk bed, as follows:

WARNING: TOP BUNKS AND ELEVATED BEDS ARE DANGEROUS AND ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 9. Falls from elevated beds can be fatal and deaths have occurred where children have fallen from elevated beds. This is relevant for all ages. The risk is greater for younger children.

The leaflet or other printed material must also include:

  • a statement that children should be discouraged from playing on the bunk bed
  • a statement that the bunk bed should be checked periodically to ensure that the guardrail, access device, and other components are maintained in the correct position and state of repair and that all connectors are tight.
  • A warning as follows: WARNING: The upper bunk must be more than 2 m from any ceiling fan.

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