Compulsory swimming pools register in Australia

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Issue 51 – July 2013

News that Victoria is considering the establishment of a compulsory swimming pools register and a subsequent certification system, as exists already in Queensland and is currently being introduced to New South Wales, has been welcomed by Azuma Design.

'Anything that contributes to pool and spa safety and reduces drowning is obviously a benefit to the whole community,' says Azuma's Director of Design Mike Alchin.

Australia's premier standards compliance testing enterprise, with NATA-accredited test laboratories in Sydney and Perth, Azuma Design has developed a new Training Programme for local councils to enable them to administer the latest pool safety regulations.

Under the rules in Queensland and those being introduced in New South Wales and potentially Victoria, every swimming pool must be registered, and a property with a pool cannot then be sold or leased without a compliance certificate, issued either by the local council or an accredited certifier.

Every pool must be compliant with the AS1926.1 (2012), and it is the intricacies of that Australian standard that Azuma is training local councils to understand and evaluate.

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Summarised from an Azuma media release, 19 June 2013.


Published in consumer and occupational safety.