Making sure electrical or gasfitting work is safe

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Issue 52 – August 2013

Getting some electrical or gasfitting work done around your house? Make sure your registered electrician or gasfitter gives you a Safety Certificate when they have finished. Read some other things you need to remember when getting this work done.

Safety Certificates are now required by law

Regulations affecting gas and electrical work changed on 1 July 2013. Your registered electrician or gasfitter now has to provide you with a Safety Certificate to show the work they have completed and connected to the energy supply complies with the law and is safe to use.

Safety Certificates are required for all completed gas and electrical work, including repairs and maintenance as well as new installations. The certificate must be issued by the tradesman within 20 days of completing the work. It must also display the relevant Authentication Mark to show it is genuine.

Want to check details of some 'high risk' work?

'High risk' work includes electrical wiring of a new house, or gasfitting carried out in a caravan or boat where people may sleep. You can now search the Electricity and Gas High-risk Database on the Energy Safety website to see who did major high risk electrical work on a property, and other details about the work.

Things to remember when getting gas or electrical work done

Always use a licensed tradesperson for any gas fitting and electrical work and ask to see their current practising licence before you sign them up and before they start the work.

Keep your gasfitting or electrical documents such as receipts, invoices, and certificates. These documents may be useful when selling a property, making an insurance claim, or if you have to make a claim or complaint about the work itself.

Make sure your certification documents display the relevant Authentication Mark to indicate they are legitimate and genuine.

Contact the relevant worker registration board if you have concerns or need advice. If your tradesperson can't sort out any concerns you may have about their work, contact the following boards for help:

  • Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board – phone 0800 743 262
  • Electrical Workers Registration Board – phone 0800 661 000.

→ Need more information? See Energy Safety (, the website for the government agency responsible for electrical and gas safety, for more information about the regulation changes

→ Search the Electricity and Gas High-risk Database on the Energy Safety website

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