Ban on the sale of unsafe multi purpose ladders

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Issue 45 – December 2012

Consumer Affairs Minister Simon Bridges has announced a ban on multi-purpose ladders that do not meet Australia and New Zealand safety Standards.

The ban comes after an investigation by Consumer Affairs, which found that multi-purpose ladders sold on Trade Me collapsed well below their advertised weight limit.

'The metal in one of these ladders buckled and split, collapsing only seconds after a man climbed on it.The ladder was supposed to hold up to 150kg and the man was only 90kgs,' Mr Bridges says.

'After receiving the complaint Consumer Affairs tested similar types of these ladders and found they all failed the loading requirements.The aluminium construction was very thin and may have contributed to the collapse.

'It is unacceptable that the public should be at significant risk of injury from multi-purpose ladders that do not meet Australian and New Zealand safety Standards, which is why I have, after consideration, declared an Unsafe Goods Notice.'

The Unsafe Goods Notice for Multi-purpose Ladders prohibits the sale or supply of multi-purpose ladders, which do not comply with the safety Standard. The notice is issued under section 31 of the Fair Trading Act and will be enforced by the New Zealand Customs Service at the border and the Commerce Commission in the marketplace.

Breaches of an unsafe goods notice attract penalties of up to $60,000 for an individual and up to $200,000 for a company.

The ban will come into effect for a period of 18 months from 22 November 2012, after which time it will be reviewed.

Summarised from a New Zealand Government media release by Simon Bridges, 22 November 2012.


Published in consumer and occupational safety.