Avoid appliance nightmares free Consumer NZ Right Appliance Guide

Issue 42 – September 2012

The free Consumer NZ Right Appliance Guide (the Guide) covers 13 of the most popular home appliances – from fridge-freezers to food processors and espresso machines. It helps consumers to separate the good appliances from the bad, in stores or online.

'There are more and more appliances available for consumers to consider when buying, which we know can be overwhelming for people,' says Consumer NZ Chief Executive, Sue Chetwin. 'With this free guide we're helping out by highlighting what to look for.'

The Guide:

  • looks at the different features of each appliance to help consumers to make the right choice
  • covers what to look for, what to avoid, energy efficiency, consumer rights if something goes wrong, buying second-hand, how long an appliance should last, and much more
  • includes appliance buying tips.

→ Download the Consumer NZ Right Appliance Guide from www.therightappliance.org.nz

Summarised from information supplied by Consumer New Zealand.


Published in consumer and occupational safety.