Pledge your support to reduce the work-related injury toll

Pledge your support to reduce the work-related injury toll

Issue 33 – November 2011

Last year 75 people died at work in New Zealand and hundreds more were seriously injured. How can you and your workplace help to make a difference to the toll of work-related injury, fatality, and disease ('the work toll')? The Department of Labour is calling for stakeholders to play their part in reducing New Zealand's work toll and sign the Partners in Action Pledge (the Pledge), a symbolic acknowledgement of the joint effort needed to reduce New Zealand's work toll.

The Pledge forms part of the National Action Agenda developed by the Department of Labour. It focuses on reducing the work toll in the five sectors with consistently high levels of injuries and fatalities – construction, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, and fishing.

The Pledge was launched at the release of the Construction Sector Action Plan in May 2011 – where the Minister of Labour, Construction Safety Council, and the Council of Trade Unions signed up, alongside the Department and ACC. Since then more than 150 stakeholders have also signed the Pledge – by doing so they commit to working towards achieving zero harm in New Zealand workplaces.

In return for pledging your commitment, the Department of Labour will recognise your organisation on their website and will keep you informed of workplace health and safety activities via email newsletters.

Information supplied by the Department of Labour.

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