Improving escalator safety new ISO Technical Specification

Issue 33 – November 2011

A new ISO Technical Specification will help to protect users and non-users of escalators from the effects of falling, shearing, crushing, or abrasion, or other injuries. Safety requirements for escalators and moving walks – Part 1: Global essential safety requirements (GESR) ISO/TS 25740-1:2011 specifies safety requirements for escalators and moving walks.

ISO/TS 25740-1:

  • includes requirements for the components and functions of escalators and moving walks

  • provides methods to minimise safety risks in the operation and use of, or work on, escalators and moving walks

  • facilitates innovation of escalators and moving walks not designed according to existing local, national or regional safety standards, while maintaining equal levels of safety. (If such innovations become state of the art, the innovations can then be integrated into the detailed local safety standard at a later date.)

  • introduces a universal approach to identify and mitigate potential safety risks on new designs of components for escalators and moving walks that use new technologies, materials, or concepts that are not adequately addressed in existing Standards

  • stimulates harmonisation of existing safety Standards for escalators and moving walks.

ISO/TS 25740-1 defines a common global level of safety for all people using, or associated with, escalators and moving walks, and provides a uniform process to assess their safety. The requirements in the Technical Specification will help:

  • developers of safety or safety-related Standards for escalators and moving walks

  • designers of escalators and moving walks, manufacturers and installers, and maintenance and service organisations

  • independent third-party conformity assessment bodies

  • inspection and testing bodies and similar organisations.

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Published in consumer and occupational safety.