Fireworks new ISO work item proposal

Issue 27 – May 2011

Standards New Zealand is consulting with stakeholders about a potential new area of work for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on fireworks. If approved the scope for the work would include quality control of fireworks, definitions, terminology, classification, categorisation, labelling, test methods, and basic safety requirements.

It is envisaged that the programme of work would include Standards on:

  • terminology, classification, and categorisation of fireworks
  • safety and quality requirements for fireworks and related test methods
  • design principles based on consumer safety, arts and crafts techniques, and pyrotechnic theories
  • service standards for fireworks, including sales and display, and so on
  • technical requirements for fireworks and test methods
  • labelling of fireworks

Standards New Zealand is consulting with key stakeholders to form the New Zealand view about whether the project should go ahead at ISO. For more information or to provide any comments on this proposal, please email by 24 June 2011.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.