Consumer laws significant changes coming

Issue 27 – May 2011

A Consumer Law Reform Bill to strengthen consumers' rights and simplify business compliance will be introduced to Parliament later in 2011. Under the proposed Consumer Law Reform Bill, seven existing consumer laws will be replaced by updated and more understandable Consumer Guarantees, Fair Trading, and the Weights and Measures Acts.

Minister for Consumer Affairs John Boscawen said the changes would bring 'much-needed clarity in an era of online shopping, extended warranties, and self-checkouts'.

'These changes will reduce costs and confusion, and make it easier for consumers and businesses to understand their rights and obligations,' says Boscawen. The Bill is expected to be passed into law before the election.

For more information read the full article on the Ministry of Economic Development's website, Significant changes coming to consumer laws (, or the Minister's press release (

Summarised from the Ministry of Economic Development's 'Business Update', April 2011.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.