Dangerous goods emergencies new guide soon to be published

The Dangerous Goods – Initial Emergency Response Guide SAA/SNZ HB 76:2010 is about to be jointly published by Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand. This edition is a revision of SAA HB 76:2004 and SNZ HB 76:2008 to create a new joint Australia and New Zealand handbook.

The purpose of SAA/SNZ HB 76:2010 is to provide immediate general information and advice to persons handling dangerous goods emergencies. While written principally for trained emergency professionals, the handbook also contains advice, which anyone first on the scene of an incident should be able to follow.

SAA/SNZ HB 76:2010 is being revised to suit Australian and New Zealand conditions and a thorough review of guide references has resulted in a significant number of changes. A new 'Guide for Desensitised Explosives' has also been added and appropriate changes to guide references made.

The revised handbook will also provide updated information on assigned dangerous goods and United Nations (UN) numbers that appear in the 16th edition of the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

To pre-order a copy of SAA/SNZ HB 76:2010 Dangerous Goods – Initial Emergency Response Guide please email enquiries@standards.co.nz or call 0800 782 632 during business hours.

Related Standards

Note: NZS 5433 is in the process of being amended – publication of the amendment is planned for later in 2010. For more information about this amendment to NZ 5433 see the article in this issue, Standard in development, Transport of dangerous goods on land.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.