ICT accessibility made easier with new ISO Standard

People with visual, hearing, or physical disabilities can experience difficulties in accessing computers and other information/communication technology (ICT) devices.

Information technology – User interfaces – Accessible user interface for accessibility settings ISO/IEC 24786:2009 specifies requirements to make information technology more accessible by ensuring that people with disabilities can adjust accessibility settings by themselves. ISO/IEC 24786:2009 includes guidance on specific accessibility settings, how to access and operate the accessibility setting mode, and how to directly activate specific accessibility functions.

ISO/IEC 24786:2009 applies to all operating system user interfaces on computers, but can also be applied to other types of ICT, where appropriate. It does not apply to the user interface before the operating system is loaded and active.

Information used with permission from ISO Consumer Update, No.1 – December 2009.

Published in consumer and occupational safety.

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