Notifying Energy Safety about accidents and unsafe situations

Summarised from the Ministry of Economic Development Business Update 'Energy Safety Newsletter' June 2010.

Energy Safety is the government agency responsible for enforcement and monitoring of gas and electrical safety.

Reporting an accident or an unsafe situation to Energy Safety is welcomed and easy to do.Reporting can be done on the Energy Safety website using the Event Notification Form, the Product/Appliance Complaint form, or the Installation Fault Notice form as appropriate.

Energy Safety takes the information it receives seriously and acknowledges notifications promptly. An automatically generated response will be followed up by a telephone call. In most cases it will be necessary to seek further information. Energy Safety keeps people who report an incident informed of how the notification is being handled and the outcome.

Depending on the nature and consequences of the event, the level of investigation ranges from verifying the information provided, to carrying out formal enquiries. In some cases there will be a need to hold people to account for their actions; Energy Safety will take the appropriate action required under the gas and electricity legislation.

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