Pool water quality Standard under revision

The Standard for Pool water quality, NZS 5826:2000, is being revised and is expected to be available for public comment in the first half of 2010. NZS 5826 provides pool owners and pool managers with the essential aspects of the provision of quality pool water to safeguard the health of pool users.

'A new approach based on risk management principles will be included in the Standard,' says Ian Couling, development committee Chair. 'By following the revised Standard, pool owners and pool managers will be able to generate a list of all the risks involved in running a pool, assess these risks, and pre-plan how they will address each risk, if it eventuates.'

NZS 5826 includes methods of water treatment, covers safe handling of swimming pool chemicals, and covers all fresh water and seawater swimming and spa pools, and geothermal pools, during use. Swimming pool design is covered by NZS 4441:2008.

'The revision of NZS 5826 will reflect the impact of new technology and the years of operational experience gained since the Standard was revised in 2000,' says Ian. 'The revision will also include amendments and corrections and will cover how to check pool quality measurements in some depth.'

Local Government New Zealand is sponsoring the review of NZS 5826. The current version of the Standard is cited in the Public Health Bill 2007.

The committee reviewing NZS 5826 includes representatives from the following nominating organisations:

  • Community Leisure Management
  • Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd
  • Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
  • Local Government New Zealand
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • New Zealand Chemical Industry Council Incorporated
  • New Zealand Master Pool Builders Incorporated
  • New Zealand Principals' Federation
  • New Zealand Recreation Association
  • New Zealand School Trustees' Association
  • Water New Zealand
  • Water Safety New Zealand.

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