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Getting the packaging right – International guide just updated

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Packaging has come a very long way since its humble beginnings of gourds and clay pots. These days, the world of packaging is much more complex, needing to be safe and sustainable while remaining appealing and functional. An international guide has just been revised to help organisations ensure their packaging meets growing consumer needs.

Effective product labelling – Updated ISO/IEC guide

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ISO/IEC Guide 14:2018 Products and related services – Information for consumers has been updated to reflect changes in product labelling technology and the needs of a wider audience. The guide is useful for those involved in product labelling, like product designers, manufacturers, technical writers, and marketers.

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  • Product safety – It’s your business

    There are thousands of different consumer products on the market and almost daily we see new products being launched. How does a business ensure their products are safe, especially if there are no regulations to help provide some guidance?

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The consumer and occupational safety sector

Standards for consumer safety have been developed with the aim of ensuring that products made, or imported, into New Zealand are safe and reliable. The reassurance provided by standards covers hundreds of products for work and play. These include dishwashers, garden hoses, fire protective clothing, and cycle helmets.

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