NZ Inc. focus and fostering stronger strategic relationships

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A new core role for Standards New Zealand will be the focus on ‘NZ Inc.’ We will be working with industry and regulators to proactively develop medium-term standards work programmes for sectors that benefit the New Zealand economy. In order for us to do this, we need to work more closely with priority sectors and key stakeholders across the economy where standards can play a larger role.

Over the last few months we have developed a framework to do this better and have been meeting with key people and groups to discuss how we can collaborate more effectively to achieve mutually agreed outcomes. We are keen to work together to better understand priority areas and to work out whether a standards solution could help these key sectors and lead to better outcomes around health, safety, trade, productivity, and protecting our people and environment. Feedback has been positive, which is encouraging.

One of our goals is to have government, regulators, and industry work with us to plan and participate in a strategic standards programme that is relevant to New Zealand’s future. We are proactively engaging with industry and regulators to better understand the priority areas, desired outcomes, challenges, and how standards could add value. In addition, we want to work together to enable easier access to standards.

A recent example is a workshop held with the Ministry of Health where we looked at the Ministry’s nine key priorities and linked them to standards that could support those priorities, while highlighting gaps. We are now working with the Ministry to explore the role standards could play in supporting the New Zealand Health Strategy and Ministry priorities.

If you’d be interested in having a session with us to discuss how standards could support your sector or industry priorities then please get in touch.

Just a reminder, there are many ways to be involved and work together:

  • Talk with us and we can explore possible standards solutions together – a standard may be a useful tool to help reach the outcomes you are seeking.
  • Express interest in sitting on a committee for a new or revised New Zealand standard.
  • Express interest in participating in the work of international committees, such as for ISO.
  • Commission the development or review of a standard.
  • Provide feedback on the standards aged catalogue.
  • Stay up to date on standards developments.
  • Provide feedback on draft standards during their public consultation phase.
  • Sponsor or fund access to standards.

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