Standards New Zealand – Changes under way

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We’re renewing our business to take charge of our future and ensure Standards New Zealand remains relevant and sustainable.

  • Recently, we’ve renewed our business strategy and started a series of innovation pilots. We’re trialling new, more agile ways to develop standards and alternative approaches to provide access to standards for our users.
  • We also want to foster stronger strategic relationships and work closer with key sectors. We’re using this approach where we see standards could potentially play a bigger role and contribute to New Zealand’s overall economy and prosperity.

What will be different

  • Standards prioritised for New Zealand – More of the right standards in place to support New Zealand’s objectives, and a growth in new sectors using standards.
  • Proactive engagement between Standards New Zealand, industry, and regulators – Helping current sectors that use standards to have established programmes of work in place.
  • Users being able to access standards more easily – More standards that are sponsored for access for those who need them.
  • Partnering with innovative third parties who can create value-added digital products and services – Offering new ways for consumers to buy, access, and use standards content.
  • A business future-proofed for digital consumption of standards content.
  • Committees having the right tools and support to do their job effectively.
  • An active international role.
  • A sustainable business model.

We have already started

Several initiatives are already under way.

Innovative pilots

We have a several pilots under way; to help us to identify ways we can develop standards faster, reduce cost barriers to access, and enable our content to be used in ‘value-added’ products. You can read an update on our latest innovation pilot in Touchstone: Innovation at Standards New Zealand – Partnered development pilot.

We also want to operate differently – in mindset and in practice. We’re investigating new collaborative ways of working. These include harnessing the strengths of third parties, being responsive to the needs of our customers, and making the standards we produce more accessible to the people who need to use them.

‘Value-add’ products and services

We’re actively looking for partners to deliver standards content through ‘value-added’ products and services built on digital technologies. The ‘value-add’ products or services would be designed, created, and brought to market by a third-party, under contract and licensing arrangements with Standards NZ.

We put a call out to developers, tech firms, futurists, and industry organisations last month. The ‘request for information’ has now closed, but if you have thoughts or leads around this, please contact us.

Strategic engagement

Another area we’re working on is to collaborate and partner more effectively with key relationships. We’ll be proactively engaging with priority sectors and stakeholders to develop long-term strategic relationships. We want to work together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

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