Innovation at Standards New Zealand – Partnered development pilot

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At Standards New Zealand, we’ve started a series of innovation pilots to establish new ways of working for faster, more affordable standards development. One of our pilots is ‘partnered development’, and has involved developing more flexible and affordable ‘partnering’ options for working with us.

We’re increasing our capacity to develop standards, by partnering with willing and capable commissioning organisations to work together on parts of the development process. This allows us to reduce the costs of commissioning standards projects, and to run more projects in parallel, so that more standards can be developed at more affordable rates to commissioning organisations.

‘The partnered development pilot has been successful and we’re now using this model more widely in our business,’ says Sam Mason, Senior Advisor Development, Consumer Protection and Standards at MBIE.

‘The model is helping Standards New Zealand to provide a service that makes the development of new and updated standards more achievable, through a reduced price to commissioning organisations. By using this model, Standards New Zealand can work in partnership with stakeholders to develop key standards for New Zealanders, while maintaining our robust and recognised process.

‘We believe that with the increased interest in the partnership model, we have the ability to meet growing market needs and increase the commissioning of new development projects.’

Some of the standards we’re developing using the partnered development model include:

  • The revision of NZS 8156:2008 Ambulance and paramedical services in partnership with Ambulance NZ.
  • The re-establishment of NZS 4242:2018 Headstones and cemetery monuments in partnership with the New Zealand Master Monumental Masons Association. The project is currently in the development stage and we anticipate that the draft will be available for public comment in May 2018.

We’re also in discussions with Concrete NZ to revise NZS 3104:2003 Specification for concrete production, and have begun discussions with other commissioning organisations about future development opportunities with the partnered model.

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