Latest guide – New Zealand’s standards and conformance system


A Guide to New Zealand’s Standards and Conformance System provides a broad overview of the standards and conformance system in New Zealand. The guide was published in March 2018. It is targeted at businesses, consumers, regulators, and those working within the system.

The guide explains how New Zealand’s standards and conformance system works, and what government, businesses, and consumers can do to get the most out of it. It includes the role of standards, conformance, accreditation, policy, and regulations, and how they all fit together. It also provides examples of the organisations involved in each of these processes, and links to their associated websites.

The guide includes five sections:

  • Section 1 outlines standards, conformance, and accreditation and how the three work together to ensure product, system, and service safety and quality. It provides a diagram indicating the lead organisations involved in each stage of New Zealand’s standards and conformance infrastructure.
  • Section 2 introduces the role of policy and regulations in the standards and conformance system. It outlines the responsibilities of a selection of government agencies and government-funded organisations which provide policy advice and create regulations.
  • Section 3 covers standards development, administration, and assistance and how these create the foundation of a robust standards and conformance system. It introduces a selection of New Zealand organisations involved in this work.
  • Section 4 explains how conformance bodies assess products, systems, and services to ensure that they comply with the standards and regulations that they claim to meet. It includes the types of conformity assessment and the types of bodies that can assess conformance. It also introduces New Zealand’s mutual recognition arrangements, which allow some overseas conformity assessments to be accepted in New Zealand and vice versa.
  • Section 5 introduces accreditation, which is the process of ensuring that conformity assessment bodies are competent to assess conformance. It then introduces the two primary accreditation bodies active in New Zealand.

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