Can you improve how standards are delivered?

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Developers, tech firms, futurists, industry organisations, we want your input.

Standards content is for the most part tied up in documents. At Standards New Zealand we are aware that the modern world offers multiple means of access to information, and it is part of our future strategy to enable other kinds of access alongside the traditional documents. The digital domain offers other potential ways that the guidelines, good practice and systems outlined in standards can be made available to standards users. For instance, digital tools might help users find the content relevant to them more easily or help them define a specific output or answer a specific question.

With this in mind we have released a request for information (RFI). We are seeking interest from third parties who can see potential for standards content to be offered to customers in innovative new ways. We want a better understanding of who the interested parties working in digital technologies might be, how they operate and what they would require from Standards New Zealand.

The ultimate goal of the RFI is to find like-minded organisations who can work with Standards New Zealand to develop ‘value-add’ products or services. Standards New Zealand do not want to develop or own products, as this is not our area of expertise. Rather, our approach would be to license standards content to suitable partners who would develop, market and deliver these products and services themselves. The products or services would provide customers with recognisable additional value over the traditional copy-of-the-document model of access.

Read more about Standards New Zealand’s Request for Information here.

The RFI is hosted on the New Zealand Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS). You will need to log on or register with the service to access the full RFI, but it is very simple to read and interact with once you have done so.

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