Review of New Zealand standards

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Standards New Zealand is currently reviewing standards that are more than 10 years old. The aged standards review seeks to ensure that New Zealand standards are current and continue to be fit for purpose. 

Following an assessment of the standards catalogue, we are now seeking feedback from the general public, nominating organisations, and a broad range of stakeholders on two batches of standards that we propose to withdraw.

Batch 1 lists 50 standards that are 10 years or older and:

  • have had no sales in 2016, or
  • are based on overseas standards that are no longer current, or
  • have been superseded by other New Zealand standards but remain current for a variety of reasons that we believe are no longer valid.

Batch 2 lists 80 standards that are 28 years or older.

These standards are being proposed for withdrawal, unless we receive advice to the contrary from the consultation. This approach recognises the fact that while many documents within this group may well be suitable for withdrawal, some documents within this group may still be used in some way within an industry, community, or by government. If the standards are still being used in your industry or community, then we will work to continue making these standards available. When commenting, please ensure you identify the standard, and send your comment to  

The standards currently under review can be viewed on our website.

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