New SME research hub and sector report

A new SME Research Hub pulls together important information in one place for small business owners, researchers, government officials, and policy makers. The new hub underlines the importance of small business to New Zealand and the New Zealand economy.

The hub came about following discussions between the Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) on how to create a central online repository of research and policy for SMEs. With assistance from the Treasury, a website has been developed that so far contains 150 research publications.

The Small Business Sector Report 2014 also provides detailed information on the 459,000 small businesses that make up a large part of the New Zealand economy. The report includes international comparisons, regional breakdowns, and case studies of small businesses in different industries.

Also available is the Small Business Factsheet 2014, which complements the Small Business Sector Report. It brings together previously released data from a range of Statistics New Zealand business surveys and summarises the results for small enterprises.

  • Visit the SME Research Hub
  • Download the Small Business Sector Report and Small Business Factsheet 2014 from MBIE’s website

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