New standard for IT governance

A new standard will support governance leaders to successfully guide major information technology projects.

On the release of its publication in December, CEO of Standards Australia, Dr Bronwyn Evans, said AS/NZS 8016:2013 Governance of IT enabled projects had been prepared to set out how significant IT projects can benefit through the use of appropriate governance frameworks and principles.

‘As the world we live in continues to change rapidly, organisations need to consider how they can deliver effectively … while investing in technology for the future. 

‘Organisations undertaking significant IT projects will find this the ‘go-to’ document when it comes to linking governance and management.’ 

Technical Committee IT-030, ICT Governance and Management, developed the standard. New Zealand committee member Alison Holt said the standard would assist members of governing bodies making major IT-related investment decisions who did not have the benefit of a technology background.

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