Document management - Information stored electronically - Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability

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A new standard AS/NZS ISO 15801:2014 Document management –Information stored electronically – Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability defines recommended practices for electronic storage of business or other information in an electronic form. As such, complying with its recommendations is of value to organisations even when the trustworthiness of the stored information is not being challenged.

Information, in the form of digital objects, originates from many sources. This standard covers digital objects in any form, from the traditional scanned images, word processed documents, and spreadsheets to the more 'modern' forms which include e-mail, web content, instant messages, CAD drawing files, blogs, wikis, and so on.

AS/NZS ISO 15801 describes means by which it can be demonstrated, at any time, that the contents of a specific electronic object created or existing within a computer system have not changed since it was created within the system or imported into it. Regardless of the original format, it will be possible to demonstrate that information stored in a trustworthy system can be reliably reproduced in a consistent manner and accurately reflects what was originally stored without any material modification.

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