Standards New Zealand - work update

Issue 54 – October 2013

We have renewed the following annual contracts.

  • The annual facilitation contract with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE's) Building Sector Performance branch. This contract covers New Zealand secretariat functions, to enable involvement in ISO building and construction committees, and to monitor building related joint committees.
  • The annual facilitation contract with MBIE's Economic Development branch for international participation in ISO committees.

Following the successful delivery of a scoping project and report in 2012, we are developing an electronic road user charges (eRUC) code of practice for the New Zealand Transport Agency. The eRUC code of practice:

  • can be issued under section 43(4) of the Road User Charges Act (2012)
  • will assist electronic system providers to comply with eRUC system requirements, allow protection of intellectual property, minimise barriers for potential providers to enter the market, and promote transparency, giving operators confidence that eRUC products are accurate, secure, and reliable.

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