Review of joint Standards over 10 years old

Issue 49 – May 2013

It is essential that Standards are contemporary and relevant. To this end, Standards Australia has a programme underway to review its catalogue of Standards that are more than 10 years old. This process, which includes joint Australian/New Zealand Standards, is being undertaken via technical committee consultation. New Zealand members will help guide this assessment.

The intention is to assess the currency of the ageing Standards, and to categorise the Standard as one of the following:

  • reconfirmed
  • obsolete
  • revised
  • withdrawn.

A reconfirmation of a document indicates that the document is still technically valid, relevant, and compatible with current expectations for safety, quality, and environmental impact, without any changes being made to the publication. Reconfirmation involves retaining the original Standard number and publication year, but adding the year of reconfirmation to the website.

A publication may be declared obsolete where the publication is not required for new equipment, does not reflect current practice, but is retained to provide for servicing of existing equipment or requirements. This Standard is designated obsolete but remains current on the catalogue.

Where the assessment process identifies that a Standard should be revised, a proposal would need to be prepared by the committee or relevant stakeholders for submission to Standards Australia.

Withdrawn publications are still available for sale.The status of 'Withdrawn' indicates that a publication is not up to date; no longer reflects current practice; is not suitable for new and existing applications; or is not compatible with current national views and expectations.

Where Standards are considered for withdrawal, Standards New Zealand will publish this information on our website in the public comment section for a period of 2 weeks before putting a recommendation for approval to the Standards Council. The Standards currently being considered for withdrawal can be found here.

For now, this assessment process will apply to joint Australian/New Zealand Standards that are led by Australia only. Standards New Zealand will consider when and how the assessment of New Zealand Standards and joint Australian/New Zealand Standards led by New Zealand will occur. This decision will be influenced by the outcome of the 2012 Standards and Conformance Infrastructure Review, currently being led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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