Water reuse - potential new area of work for ISO

Issue 47 – March 2013

Standards New Zealand is consulting with stakeholders about a potential new area of work for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the standardisation of water reuse of any kind and for any purpose. It covers both centralised and decentralised or on-site water reuses, direct and indirect or on-site water reuses, and intentional and unintentional or on-site water reuses. It includes technical, economic, environmental, and societal aspects of water reuse. Water reuse comprises a sequence of the stages and operations involved in uptaking, conveyance, processing, storage, distribution, consumption, drainage, and other handling of wastewater, including the water reuse in repeated, cascaded, and recycled ways. The scope of existing committee ISO/PC 253 (Treated wastewater reuse for irrigation) would be merged into this area of work if it is accepted.

Excluded are:

  • the limit of allowable water quality in water reuse, which should be determined by the governments, WHO, and other relevant competent organisations
  • any aspects which are not specific to water reuse, such as:
    • management of drinking water and wastewater utilities, which is covered by technical committee (TC) 224 
    • methods for the measurement of water quality, which are covered by TC 147

Please note this cancels and replaces the New Work Item Proposal Project 232 – Treated wastewater reuse in urban areas.

→ Standards New Zealand is consulting with key stakeholders to form the New Zealand view about whether this field of activity should go ahead at ISO. For more information, or to provide any comments on this proposal, please email isoadmin@standards.co.nz by 3 May 2013

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