Fine bubble technology - potential new area of work for ISO

Issue 47 – March 2013

Standards New Zealand is consulting with stakeholders about a potential new area of work for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Fine bubble technology.

The proposed scope for the new field of technical activity includes standardisation of terms and definitions, classifications in sizes and characteristics, and other aspects for measurements, functions, and applications in the field of 'fine bubbles'. According to known behaviour of fine bubbles, there are so-called 'ultrafine bubbles', which may be defined differently. For example, ultrafine bubbles may be determined as the inside pressure increase by the surface tension effect to be larger than 1 atm for the air bubble in water, which would have the equivalent diameter smaller than about 3 μm.

→ Standards New Zealand is consulting with key stakeholders to form the New Zealand view on whether this field of activity should go ahead at ISO. For more information, or to provide any comments on this proposal, please email by 19 April 2013

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