The single compliance mark - RCM

Issue 44 – November 2012

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment is responsible for regulating electrical and electronic devices, vehicles, and devices with internal combustion engines under the Radiocommunications Act 1989. This regime covers aspects of devices related to their radiocommunications and electromagnetic compatibility functions, imposing obligations on suppliers, including the requirement to comply with technical Standards, maintain records and apply a label (compliance mark) to the device.

Under new labelling arrangements, the three existing compliance marks (C-Tick, RCM, and A-Tick (Australia)) are being consolidated into a single compliance mark – the RCM.

The changes are currently proposed to start on 1 March 2013 to align with the proposed commencement date for the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS). This date may be postponed if there is a delay in the commencement of the EESS.

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Summarised from a Radio Spectrum media release, 3 October 2012.


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