Targeted review of qualifications - Standards New Zealand contracted to provide professional advice

Issue 44 – November 2012

In April 2012, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) awarded Standards New Zealand a contract to provide professional advice to the education sector on the targeted review of qualifications (TRoQ).

The TRoQ was introduced by the NZQA following a review of the qualifications framework.Currently, there are many similar qualifications and learners, employers, and industry have said it can be difficult to distinguish between them.The TRoQ covers all qualifications at Levels 1– 6 inclusive on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Standards New Zealand's success in being awarded this contract was largely due to our nationally recognised 'standards process', our facilitation experience, our successful relationship with many stakeholders from various sectors, our disciplined process framework, and our ability to gain consensus amongst the stakeholders.

The TRoQ process is in its development phase and many professional advisors with various backgrounds and experience are contracted to work with the sector on behalf of NZQA as independent facilitators.

The TRoQ process is a learning curve for the education sector to understand their roles and responsibilities. However, there are similarities between the development of Standards and qualifications. Both are developed to benefit the consumer and support the economic development of New Zealand, both are developed by stakeholders and are evidence and needs based, and both aim to achieve consensus on content.

Standards New Zealand has agreed to facilitate another sector, 'Beauty', and looks forward to working with the NZQA to develop a successful process framework to ensure the reviews meet their outcomes and achieve their goals.

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