New ISO Standard focuses on importance of people in quality management

Issue 44 – November 2012

ISO 10018:2012 Quality management – Guidelines on people involvement and competence provides a framework for organisations of all sizes, types, and activities to get the best out of people in the implementation of a quality management system based on ISO 9001. The Standard aims to be a useful tool for leaders, managers, supervisors, quality practitioners, quality management representatives, and human resource managers.

ISO 10018 describes:

  • processes that an organisation can use to implement and maintain people involvement and competence in quality management systems

  • actions that may be taken to strengthen people involvement

  • actions that can be taken to meet individual quality management system requirements, such as those specified in ISO 9001 Quality management systems – Requirements, although ISO 10018 can be used with other management system Standards.

The introduction to ISO 10018 affirms: 'The overall performance of a quality management system and its processes ultimately depends on the involvement of competent people and whether they are properly introduced and integrated into the organisation. The involvement of people is important for an organisation's quality management system to achieve outcomes, which are consistent and aligned with their strategies and values.

'It is critical to identify, develop, and evaluate the knowledge, skills, behaviour, and work environment required for the effective involvement of people with the necessary competence.

'This international Standard provides guidelines for human factors which influence people involvement and competence, and creates value that helps to achieve the organisation's objectives.'

ISO 10018 takes a process-based approach and describes actions, results, and plans for people involvement and competence. If these are monitored, measured, and analysed, says the Standard, this produces results that enable top management to make decisions for improvement, thus leading to enhanced levels of customer satisfaction.

Summarised from an ISO media release, 11 October 2012.

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