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Issue 35 – February 2012

PD 25222:2011 Business continuity management – Guidance on supply chain continuity helps organisations continue to deliver their products and services when an incident occurs and affects their supply chain. The Published Document specifies how to adopt effective supply chain continuity management (SCCM) to identify and mitigate supply chain risks before they impact on the organisation.

PD 25222 includes examples of how weaknesses in the continuity of the supply chain have compromised and even destroyed organisations – to help users avoid these pitfalls.

PD 25222 helps organisations to:

  • ensure they can continue to function effectively if a supplier can no longer provide the products or service the organisation needs
  • map supply chain results to better understand where and how to improve supply chain continuity
  • increase efficiency and reduce the likelihood and impact of supply chain interruptions
  • distinguish their organisation from competitors who do not have effective SCCM arrangements in place
  • improve business-as-usual supplier management, planning, due diligence, assurance, and working relationships with suppliers.

Users of PD 25222 include anyone involved in supply chain management and especially anyone who procures supplies (and is responsible for buying a product or service necessary to an organisation's critical products or services).

PD 25222 covers the supply of products and services, both internally and externally, to service level agreements under any type of ongoing supplier relationship, though it might also cover certain one-off relationships.

Another new Standard, PD 25888:2011 Guidance on organization recovery following disruptive incidents, provides step-by-step instructionsto help organisations to develop and implement effective recovery in response to an incident.

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  • BS 25999-1:2006 Business continuity management – Code of practice
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  • ISO/IEC 27031:2011 Information technology – Security techniques – Guidelines for information and communication technology readiness for business continuity

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