Spectrum for studio to transmitter links 841 849 MHz Band to open

Issue 31 – September 2011

A new band of frequencies, 841 – 849 MHz, will open for licensing studio-to-transmitter links (STLs) on 5 September 2011. New licences in the 841 – 849 MHz band must be certified after 9am on Monday 5 September 2011. RSM Licensing will not grant any licences that are certified prior to that time. Existing licences in the band have been issued for the purpose of transitioning STLs currently in the 915 – 921 MHz band.

Special consideration must be given for assessing the technical compatibility of a proposed licence in the band. There are also specific rules for licence creation in this band. PIB 38 (Radio Licence Certification Rules) and PIB 58 (Radio Licence Policy Rules) contain the details.

The 841 – 849 MHz band was allocated for STLs, which are used to transport radio programmes from studios to broadcast transmitters, as part of a review of non-cellular use of the 806-906 MHz band.

Summarised from a Radio Spectrum Management newsflash 1 September 2011.

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