Banking securities and financial services ISO explores new opportunities

Issue 27 – May 2011

The global financial crisis has brought issues of consumer protection to the forefront. Substantial challenges for regulators and market players lie ahead in the effort to restore public confidence and to create effective conditions to prevent future crises. In addition, new trends are transforming the market in which financial services are bought and sold.

To tackle these issues, ISO TC 68, 'Financial services', will hold a workshop in Amsterdam on 13 May 2011, Standardisation in the field of banking, securities, and other financial services: current and future needs. The workshop will bring together regulators, experts, and other stakeholders to consider issues and priorities for financial services. The workshop will address issues of consumer concern such as financial planning, internationally accepted codes for electronic transactions, and security of data.

This event is open to ISO members and their accredited representatives. For more information contact Standards New Zealand, email

Summarised from ISO Consumer Update No 6, April 2011.

Published in business and ICT.