Hi Tech Economy Survey to help the New Zealand ICT Industry

Issue 25 – March 2011

The International Institute of International Software Economies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IISEIE) is encouraging local information and communications technology (ICT) companies to participate in a new Hi-Tech Economy Survey designed to give industry stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the industry.

The information provided by this survey will assist both government and industry to better understand the opportunities for growth in the local high-tech industry and will help to align specific programmes to enable companies and entrepreneurs to create new solutions, companies, and jobs in a growing market place.

IISEIE Chief Executive Officer, Malcolm Fraser, says this is a unique opportunity to gain a current insight into the structure, growth, and development capacity of the ICT industry in New Zealand.

'The information can be effectively used to maximise economic performance of the industry by designing programmes that are specifically tailored to meet current needs and enhance innovation,' says Fraser. 'This survey will allow us to gain an in-depth understanding of how the industry currently operates and help identify collaborative opportunities for growth. Programmes can then be developed that outline the specific steps required to increase the competitiveness of the industry that will lead to new investments and jobs in the local economy.'

Once complete the results of the survey will be available in the form of an Innovation Readiness Index, a benchmarking tool, which will help to improve the understanding of the capacity for innovation, identify innovation strengths, spot any critical barriers and risks that may limit or block innovation, understand their relationship with the marketplace, and identify opportunities for local growth and improvement.

The survey is undertaken in collaboration with Microsoft New Zealand, Auckland ICT, and NZICT.

To participate in the New Zealand Hi-Tech Economy Survey please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Hi-Tech-Economy-Survey.

For more information on the survey and IISEIE visit http://knowledge.iiseie.org/articles/20110214.

Summarised from an International Institute of International Software media release 4 March 2011.

Published in business and ICT.