Film industry new British sustainability Standard

Issue 30 – August 2011

A new British Standard sets out the requirements to improve the sustainability of the UK film industry.Specification for a sustainability management system for film BS 8909:2011 gives guidance and practical information to help users to implement and run a system that manages their environmental, social, and financial impacts. Organisations can use the Standard to improve and demonstrate improved sustainability performance within available budgets.

BS 8909 was developed by the UK Film Council, BSI, and representatives from the UK film industry. The new Standard is a specification for 'sustainability management' in the film industry from production through to cinema exhibition and home entertainment.

BS 8909 helps organisations to focus on their environmental impacts such as carbon footprint, waste management, and effects on biodiversity; social impacts such as community involvement and fair employment; and economic impacts such as long-term viability. The Standard works by asking organisations to state their sustainability goals and describe what they will do to achieve these goals. Organisations then implement and review their outcomes against their initial goals.

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