Citizen band and personal radio services new general user licence published

Issue 31 – September 2011

The Ministry of Economic Development recently published a new General User Radio Licence for Citizen Band and Personal Radio Services. The new licence includes adjustments resulting from submissions made to the discussion document published in December 2010. The report of the submissions to that discussion document will be available on the Radio Spectrum Management website shortly.

The new licence permits use of citizen band services in both the New Zealand 26 MHz (26.325 MHz to 26.775 MHz) and the international 27 MHz band (26.960 MHz to 27.410 MHz), and the personal radio services in the UHF band (476.4 MHz to 477.4 MHz).

Changes to the personal radio services band include the facility to use of both 12.5 kHz equipment in addition to the older 25 kHz bandwidth equipment.

The conditions for use of the licence may be viewed on the Radio Spectrum Management website (

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Summarised from the Ministry of Economic Development's Business Update August 2011.

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