IRL appoints first Industry and Outreach Fellow

Issue 27 – May 2011

IRL Chief Executive Shaun Coffey recently announced MacDiarmid Institute Deputy Director and IRL Distinguished Scientist Professor Shaun Hendy had been appointed IRL's first Industry and Outreach Fellow. IRL's Industry and Outreach Fellowships assist the New Zealand high-tech manufacturing sector to realise its potential as a key driver of economic growth, through leveraging New Zealand's world-class research and development expertise.

Professor Hendy's objective will be to build a complex system modelling group at IRL that can use advanced mathematical methods to characterise, model, and understand the New Zealand innovation ecosystem and its relationship with the world economy. Coffey says that such analysis is critical if New Zealand is to grow its innovation ecosystem and high-value manufacturing sector.

Hendy has already developed a Google Earth-based New Zealand innovation ecosystem map using information accessible from international patent databases. 'There has been a lot of interest in how inventors and inventive companies interact geographically,' says Hendy. 'This map shows where inventors are, whether they are based at a Crown Research Institute, university or private company, and shows how they are linked to their peers across the country.' Hendy says it is particularly important that New Zealand inventors, who are spread widely across the country, make a concerted effort to collaborate.

For more information about Hendy's Fellowship and the New Zealand Innovation Ecosystem map, read the full media release ( For more information contact Mike Eng at IRL, (04) 04 931 3029.

Summarised from an IRL media release 14 April 2011.

Published in business and ICT.