Land development Standard revised Standard published

Standards New Zealand has published the revised Land development and subdivision infrastructure NZS 4404:2010. The Standard provides local authorities, developers, and their professional advisors with criteria for design and construction of land development and subdivision infrastructure.

NZS 4404:2010 encourages sustainable development and modern design that emphasises liveability and environmental quality. The Standard is applicable to greenfield and infill development, and brownfield redevelopment projects. It also:

  • covers requirements for earthworks and geotechnical needs, roads, stormwater, wastewater, water supply, landscape, and network utility services
  • provides as much consistency as possible on land development and subdivision infrastructure while still allowing flexibility for local variations to suit local circumstances
  • can be used on its own or, together with local codes, as a means to comply with Resource Management Act 1991 consent conditions
  • incorporates up-to-date design principles such as low impact design (LID) solutions to stormwater management, and urban design principles that encourage more sustainable places, spaces, and networks in towns and cities.

Some of the key changes from NZS 4404:2004 are:

  • that road design needs to allow 'context' or 'place' to be given significant emphasis, and to require roads to achieve safe (slower) operating speeds
  • an emphasis on managing and treating stormwater 'before it gets into a pipe' and a requirement to consider climate change and potential sea level rise
  • grassed swales, natural or artificial waterways, ponds and wetlands, for example, may in certain circumstances be not only part of the stormwater system, but also be a preferred solution, especially if low impact on receiving waters downstream is critical
  • the sections on landscaping and reserves have been combined and significantly rewritten
  • the section on utility services (section 8) has also been significantly amended in accordance with the latest network authorities' codes.

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