Travel plug adaptor banned

Energy Safety, part of the Ministry of Economic Development, has banned the importation, sale, distribution, and use of a particular type of travel plug adaptor, known as a 'Universal Adaptor' or 'all-in-one adaptor'.

These adaptors are unsafe as they do not offer adequate protection from contact with live parts, to the point where live 230 Volt parts can be accessed and touched easily.

'Energy Safety is concerned about this style and type of adaptor, particularly as they may be used at skirting board level and could be easily accessible to small children and infants,' says Richard Lamb, Energy Safety Compliance Officer.

The adaptors have been sold through tourist gift shops and pharmacies and on online auction sites such as Trade Me. A supplier, Melric International Limited, has already initiated a voluntary recall. It is believed the adaptors first appeared in New Zealand in late 2007.

'Energy Safety's advice is do not use these universal adaptors, return them to where you purchased them and seek a refund,' says Richard.

Only the adaptors fully meeting the description given in the Prohibition Notice issued by Energy Safety are banned. To view this notice visit the Energy Safety website – look under Gazette and Prohibition Notices.

Summarised from Energy Safety media release, 22 December 2009, Ministry of Economic Development.

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