Specification for concrete production Amendment 2 published

Standards New Zealand has published Amendment 2 to Specification for concrete production NZS 3104:2003. Amendment 2 is the result of a project sponsored by the New Zealand Ready Mixed Concrete Association to incorporate a new type of mechanism for the testing of weigh systems.

Since the initial drafting of NZS 3104, clauses dealing with weigh scale checking have remained unchanged. In this time there has been a significant introduction of load cell technology replacing the mechanical knife-edge systems that dominated in 1983.

Amendment 2:

  • recognises that there is now more than one type of mechanism used for weigh systems (knife edge/lever arm and load cell)
  • updates Clause 2.7.3 to take into account testing of weigh systems that are dependent on load cell mechanisms
  • corrects minor errors in the Contents
  • corrects Clauses 1.3, 2.9.1, and 3.1.4.

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