Review of underground fire hydrant Standards scoping workshop

The Specification for underground fire hydrants and surface box frames and covers, NZS/BS 750:1984 (an adoption of BS 750:1984) Standard is cited in most territorial authorities' codes of practice for land development and utilities supply. A project to review the Standard is now underway as:

  • recently BS 750:1984 was superseded by BS EN 14339:2005 Underground fire hydrants and BS 750:2006 Specification for underground fire hydrants and surface box frames and covers (which includes specific national requirements that are not specified in BS EN 14339)
  • NZS/BS 750:1984 is now out of date
  • in the last ten years some manufacturers have started developing their own hydrants that don't comply with NZS/BS 750:1984 but are instead manufactured to an Australian Standard
  • Water New Zealand has noted the need to update NZS/BS 750:1984 and has prepared a draft for consideration.

Local Government New Zealand is supporting a Standards New Zealand scoping workshop to decide whether to adopt BS EN 14339:2005 and BS 750:2006 for use in New Zealand, or to continue with the development of the draft prepared on behalf of Water New Zealand.

More about NZS/BS 750:1984

New Zealand has adopted as a whole each version of BS 750 up to and including the 1984 version.

NZS/BS 750:1984:

  • specifies the operational and safety requirements for underground fire hydrants conforming to BS EN 1074-6 Valves for water supply – Fitness for purpose requirements and appropriate verification tests – Part 6: Hydrants
  • covers hydrants with valves of the wedge gate type and the screw-down type suitable for a maximum allowable operating pressure of 1.6 MPa and 2.5 MPa
  • specifies the requirements for hydrant surface box frames and covers.

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