Are you selling wireless products

This is a reminder that if you are selling electronic products, with a radio transmitter function, you must ensure that the transmitter complies with prescribed standards and is authorised by a New Zealand radio licence.

Radio transmitters are present in all products using WiFi or Bluetooth connections, and in wireless devices such as cordless phones, baby monitors, security systems, and walky-talkies.

This requirement applies to all sellers of electronic products with radio transmitter functions, regardless of whether you are a commercial seller or a private seller, and including sales on Trade Me. If you are using Trade Me then the website lists radio transmitters and transceivers as restricted items.

For further information go to the Radio Spectrum Management website for advice about the product compliance( and licensing requirements(, or contact Radio Spectrum Management on 0508 RSM INFO.

Reproduced from Ministry of Economic Development, Business Update newsletter, 8 September 2009

Published in business and ICT.