Wind farm noise - revised draft Standard available for public comment until 30 April 2009

Standards New Zealand has released for public comment a draft Standard DZ 6808 Acoustics – Wind farm noise. The purpose of this Standard is to provide suitable methods for the prediction, measurement, and assessment of sound from wind turbines for use in both wind farm development and local authority planning procedures. This Standard also provides guidance on the limits of acceptability for sound received at noise sensitive locations emitted from wind farms containing one or more wind turbines. DZ 6808 is a revision of NZS 6808:1998 Acoustics – The assessment and measurement of sound from wind turbine generators.

Standards New Zealand invites comments on the draft Standard up to 30 April 2009. The technical committee that prepared the draft Standard will then consider each public comment received and reach consensus on any changes that may be necessary. The revised Standard is expected to be published in October 2009.

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