Hazardscape scoping project

Standards New Zealand completed a Hazardscape scoping report on a Hazardscape Standards strategy, in January 2009. The report, funded by the Earthquake Commission, outlines the findings of a Governance Group set up by Standards New Zealand. The Governance Group provides leadership and guidance on a strategy to address the 17 significant hazards facing New Zealand. These hazards were identified in the National Hazardscape Report, 2007, published by the Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Co-ordination, through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The Governance Group recommended that before Standards were considered for each of the 17 significant hazards; a Generic Hazard Standard should be developed, incorporating principles and other common features that would provide guidance and a consistent approach to the development of hazard-specific Standards.

Standards New Zealand has already published Managing flood risk – A process Standard, NZS 9401:2008, which provides a risk-based approach for the comprehensive management of flood risk.  Flood was one of the 17 significant risks identified in the National Hazardscape Report.

Standards New Zealand is in the process of preparing a project proposal and plan, as well as securing funding, for the development of the Generic Hazard Standard.

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