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International standards key for developing NZ’s digital economy

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Observers increasingly say we are on the edge of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will bring together digital, biological, and physical technologies in new and powerful combinations. This is prompting people to speak out about the need to make sure that we balance the opportunities and risks wisely.

Streamlined process speeds up standards development and reduces costs

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Over the past year Standards New Zealand has been sharing our business transformation journey with customers and stakeholders. We know we need to change to remain relevant and sustainable to our users. As part of this, we’ve refreshed our business strategy and initiated a series of innovation pilots.

Do you have digitally innovative ways to add value to standards?

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The Standards New Zealand strategy commits us to add value by working more closely with our partners. A recent example of this was the launch of a ‘value-add’ workstream, which will enable third-party providers to produce digitally-enabled services using our standards content.

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  • Forward focus for Standards New Zealand

    Standards New Zealand has recently undertaken a review to ensure we have the right capability and capacity to deliver on our business strategy. This has resulted in some changes to our structure and to some key roles in the team.

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  • NZ Inc. focus and fostering stronger strategic relationships

    A new core role for Standards New Zealand will be the focus on ‘NZ Inc.’ We will be working with industry and regulators to proactively develop medium-term standards work programmes for sectors that benefit the New Zealand economy. In order for us to do this, we need to work more closely with priority sectors and key stakeholders across the economy where standards can play a larger role.

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  • The digital future of standards – What is Standards New Zealand doing about it?

    Part of Standards New Zealand’s transformation programme has focused on new digital formats for standards. We currently print hard copy publications and supply the same documents digitally as PDFs. Both of these publication types have their use, but with more people reading from different screen sizes (such as phones), something else is needed.

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The business and ICT sector

The Business sector is a relatively new and growing sector for standards. Current documents cover topics such as risk management, continuity management, and information security, all of which take a general, non-prescriptive, yet highly effective approach that can be applied to any type of organisation of any size.

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