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Secrets of business success in updated ISO 9004

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The updated ISO 9004:2018 divulges the secrets and strategies of some of the longest lasting businesses around the world. ISO 9004:2018 Quality management – Quality of an organization – Guidance to achieve sustained success helps other organisations to stay afloat in a rapidly changing world.

Latest guide – New Zealand’s standards and conformance system


A Guide to New Zealand’s Standards and Conformance System provides a broad overview of the standards and conformance system in New Zealand. The guide was published in March 2018. It is targeted at businesses, consumers, regulators, and those working within the system.

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The business and ICT sector

The Business sector is a relatively new and growing sector for standards. Current documents cover topics such as risk management, continuity management, and information security, all of which take a general, non-prescriptive, yet highly effective approach that can be applied to any type of organisation of any size.

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