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Standards New Zealand stakeholder satisfaction survey insights

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Some valuable insights have been gained from the most recent Standards New Zealand stakeholder satisfaction survey. Eighty-eight percent of respondents indicated they were satisfied with our overall performance and we received some valuable suggestions for improvement.

October articles

June articles

  • 29 joint Australia-New Zealand standards proposed for withdrawal

    Standards New Zealand constantly reviews standards that are more than 10 years old to ensure they are current and continue to be fit for purpose. As part of this review, we ask for feedback from stakeholders on standards which we propose to withdraw.

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  • Emerging trends in international standards and how they impact NZ

    Standards New Zealand recently hosted two unique roundtables in parallel with the 2019 Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC)-International Organization for Standardization (ISO) workshop in Wellington. They provided a unique opportunity for local business, government and industry leaders to meet with executives from the ISO and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

    Some key themes emerged, providing great insight into what's on the horizon for international standards.

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December articles

November articles

  • New Zealand adopts ten standards to support international supply chain efficiency

    Ten international standards that help streamline the business supply chain have been adopted by the standards committee P3511 Information Technology and Communication – Unique Identification. These ISO/IEC standards relate to the technology that supports the traceability of supply chain items and are widely-known as GS1 standards. They also let trading partners share this information with each other in a way that is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.

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September articles

August articles

  • Forward thinkers wanted to enhance standards content

    Can you see the future? We're looking for people with ideas on how to develop a product or service based on standards content, such as a smartphone app or software tool.

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  • Innovation delivers 75% time saving to standard construction contracts

    Standards New Zealand is looking for partners to work with us on digitally innovative ways to repurpose standards content. The aim is ensure that standards are accessible by the people who need to use them, at the right time, and in an effective format. Our first partner in this 'value add' programme is Kiwi document automation specialists, LawHawk. Read about how this award-winning company is using their innovative technology to deliver significant time saving to standard construction contracts.

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The business and ICT sector

The Business sector is a relatively new and growing sector for standards. Current documents cover topics such as risk management, continuity management, and information security, all of which take a general, non-prescriptive, yet highly effective approach that can be applied to any type of organisation of any size.

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