Update on progress of standard for testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties


The P8510 committee had its final meeting on 8 May 2017. This was the opportunity for the committee to discuss and decide on the final technical content of the complete document after working groups of the committee had recommended changes to individual sections and appendices. The committee was given over 2 weeks to review the complete document before the 8 May meeting. The purpose of the meeting was for the committee to comment on the complete draft section-by-section and agree on any final changes. Changes were made or noted during the committee meeting as each section was reviewed, and some additional work was identified on some sections and appendices to clarify the intent of some provisions in the standard. Additional ‘tidying up’ work includes:

  • Minor additions to the foreword
  • Clarification of some definitions and terms in section 1 (General)
  • Redrafting Figure 1 in section 2 (Overview) to better explain the actions required to determine methamphetamine contamination in a property
  • Clarification of some terms and steps in section 3 (Contamination-level assessment)
  • Streamlining and ensuring consistency in the reporting and certification requirements in section 4 (Decontamination), section 5 (Post-decontamination actions) and section 6 (Reporting and documentation)
  • Clarification of sampling methodologies in Appendix A, and validation of test methods in Appendix B

The next and final stages are:

  • Standards New Zealand will incorporate the final changes into the document
  • The committee will be balloted on the technical content of the final document
  • Standards New Zealand will edit the final draft and prepare it for approval by the Standards Approval Board for publication
  • NZS 8510 will be published as soon as the above stages are completed. Standards New Zealand will be working towards a publication date in early June provided there are no unexpected delays.

Published in building.