We need to address quality

The following was reported in the New Zealand Herald 10 January 2017 (abridged).

As Auckland’s construction boom gains momentum, traditional building materials are becoming harder to find, with the Council saying some builders are turning to alternative products.

Ian McCormick, General Manager of Auckland Council’s Building Control team, said inspectors were seeing more substitutions than ever before, but he warned all products needed testing.

Auckland Council Manager of Inspections Jeff Fahrensohn said he was aware of a number of incidents where non-compliant products had been used and had to be removed. In one case, a homeowner was forced to replace a new roof after the company could not prove compliance to the council.

Another case resulted in electric wiring in four homes being removed after being deemed non-compliant, resulting in thousands of dollars of costs for the developer. 

From BRANZ Guideline, January 2017

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