Be careful about what we read: Not all information is correct information

One of the issues facing building and other industries is misinformation. It is unrealistic to expect customers to be well informed when some of that misinformation comes from the industry itself. The following were taken from a New Zealand builder’s blog.

“In general, we should accept that the bulk of New Zealand’s housing stock was built before 1978. The reason I choose this date it that it marks the year when insulation in walls become part of the Building Code.”

Misinformation 1 – Insulation of walls became a requirement in 1978 but the Building Code was not enacted until 1992.

“It is important to note that Council now require a Building Consent for retrofitting insulation.”

Misinformation 2 – The requirement is a statutory requirement and applies to the insulation of external walls only.

“Restricted building work is now defined as work on the design, construction, renovation and alteration of residential buildings.”

Misinformation 3 – The MBIE definition of restricted building work is ‘work that’s critical to make a home structurally sound and weathertight’, so much of the building work done is not restricted building work. 

From BRANZ Guideline, January 2017

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